Saturday, 21 August 2010

the lame and the awesome

ok, so i know it's been a while - i have good excuses! i went to beirut, there was a skirmish on the border, i went to copenhagen (no skirmishes, just lots of chocolate and bicycles), and oh yeah - and the boy and i had our london wedding party!

here's the deal. we are getting married in january in australia but as it's on the other side of the world and all we thought we would have a party in london to celebrate with our friends here. we wanted to have it in august so it would still be warm (ha ha, oh how i under estimate english weather) as we were having the party in the courtyard of the boy's workshop. also we wanted to drag out this whole wedding-centre-of-attention thing as long as possible :)

the day dawned and i was tired. i have to be honest - i was not in the mood for a party. we had stayed up late drinking wine and making bunting from old wallpaper (what can i say, the blogs get to me!) it got to 4pm and i am not kidding, it fucking poured with rain. torrential. i freaked out. i got down to sandy's work shop after baking 3 cakes, a batch of 20 scones and a batch of jam drops and had a mini freak out. our wonderful friends were there, tidying, hanging up a tarp against the weather and generally being awesome. and i had a mini melt down. not my finest moment.

anyway, as the rain created a mini river that flowed through the designated dance floor area i retreated to the hair salon to get my hair did for the party. when i emerged the sky was clear, the sun was shining and the courtyard was looking pretty good! we strung fairy lights, bunting and bought prosecco. we were ready.

i just have to say, if our actual wedding is half as awesome as our london wedding party i will be one happy lady. people came - lots of people! they were so excited for us, so happy and open and generous with their love for us. our friends got up and said wonderful heart felt speeches and sandy gave a speech that made more than one guest cry. we ate cake and popped bottles and danced and danced and danced. we got to bed at 4am, drunk on prosecco and love. it was the best party i have ever been to - no doubt.

as for the real wedding in january? bring it.
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