Monday, 6 September 2010

foot freak

oh man. has anyone else had as much wedding shoe flim flam as i've had?!

i can't believe i have spent so long looking for these bloody shoes - -it's ridiculous! and makes me feel like a mad, detail obsessed freak, which i'm not.... but i wanted them to be right you know?!

for me the shoes are a big thing as i'm in a short dress. so they are out there for everyone to see.

as my main colour is yellow i thought yellow sandals with a little heel would be sweet. nothing too fussy, just cute and vintag-ey to go with the dress... simple right? wrong.

apparently there are no cute yellow shoes out there in UK shoe land (except on the wedding blogs, where they were freaking everywhere, but they were actually vintage so no go there). in the end i found some cute shoes online, however as the cute shoe gods hate me, the website only shipped to the USA. do i know anyone in the USA who i could hit up for some shoe help? nope. but my boss does. so i got them shipped to her friend's house, who then took them with him to her wedding in italy last week. she then brought them from italy back to the UK and into the office today.

palaver no?! but look how cute they are!

what are you doing/did you do for your wedding shoes?


  1. Hi Lou!

    Great choice!
    For my wedding last year, I went for a bronze satin wedding dress I coordinated with Tango Shoes, chocolate colour!

    You can see them in my section in my blog!

    And let's go colour!


  2. @ Sylvie - thanks! and hurray for colour!


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