Monday, 8 November 2010


so, i know this has been featured all over the place of late, i found it here, and i have decided (after a very successful trial at home) that this will be my wedding hair-do.

as i will be doing the old hair and makeup my self - i wanted something easy and pretty that would stay without too much fuss. i think this is a winner!

what are/were your hair plans for the big day?


  1. It's so funny this has been everywhere lately. I'm so glad you're doing it as your wedding hair, sure it will look amazing on you. Plus if it gets a bit loose and straggly as the day goes on it will still look great!

  2. I am jealous of anyone who can style their own hair. I'm such a goober when it comes to hair, makeup and nails that I'm trying to find the funds to pay someone to do it right.

    I want my hair to be gorgeous and curly and only half-up, but I have serious doubts about my ability to maintain that all day. Maybe with copious amounts of product.

  3. @ josie - thanks! here's hoping i can rock it like the saucy re-head in the tutorial!

    @ sarah - i have the same issues with my hair 'staying' it's really fine - but there's lots of it so it's quite slippy and falls out.

    the cure is product, i've found, especially dry shampoo, which gives your hair 'second day texture' without looking greasy and weird. give it a try! and hairspray, lots and lots of hairspray!


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