Monday, 1 November 2010

The pop-up invite how-to

ok folks. i know i've been a bit slack on the how-to front but better late than never no?

here is part 1:

what you'll need - crafting: scissors, metal ruler, exacto knife, cutting mat, double sided sticky tape.

what you'll need - paper: your card - we found that an A4 piece of card that folded up rather than out worked best, your pop up piece - design it so that it fits inside your chosen card and leave a tab across the bottom to stick into the card.

step 1:

on the front side of your card mark half way along the length of the card - do this on both sides.

step 2:

line your ruler up to the two marks you have made - this should be the halfway mark of your card. lightly score along the ruler - don't press too hard.

step 3:

fold along your scored line. you now have your outer card.

step 4:

now it's time to cut out your pop-up insert. go slow and try to keep your cuts fluid.

step 5:

you should now have your fully cut out insert. make sure you leave a tab at the bottom to fix to insert into the card.

step 6:

lightly score along the join between the bottom of your cut out and your tab.

step 7:

fold along your score line.

step 8:

measure out some double sided tape and stick along the bottom tab of your insert.

step 9:

stick your insert into your card. finding the right spot may take some time - so do lots of tests before you settle on your final placement.

step 10:

cut out a small length of card and fold as shown. the length of the card will be determined by the placement of your insert within your outer card so again, this may take some time to work out.

attach small squares of double sided tape to the outer sides of the end tabs.

step 11:

stick one end of your tab onto the back of your insert.

stick the other end onto the inside of your outer card like so:

this is another area where you will need to play around a bit. ideally the joining piece of card slopes down slightly when you look at it side on. this means everything lays perfectly flat when the card is closed and when you open it...

Ta da!

so that's all really. just be patient - in between figuring out the pop up and finalizing the design elements we probably did about 15 mock up cards. it was pretty fiddly stuff - but all the testing out meant that when everything was finalized we got them done pretty quickly.

good luck!


  1. How I love!

    Just so clever and thoughtful.

  2. Thank you, thank you! This is a great tutorial. I'm sending it to Tony right now since he's doing the artwork for our invites.

  3. thanks ladies! glad you find it helpful!

    sarah - let me know how you get on!

    anna - good luck for the wedding this month! it will be great, you will feel amazing and have a magical time. so exited for you!


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