Thursday, 22 July 2010

an actual wedding related post

ok. it's dress time. just as some background, here's what i wanted in my wedding dress:

• not full length. it's just not what i wanted, it doesn't really suit the venue and the type of wedding we're having - we wanted something relaxed and fun and i wanted to wear something that reflected that.

• not strapless. the last thing i want to be doing on my wedding day is hoisting my dress up and stressing that the ladies might pop out (especially on a day when i am supposed to be grown up, elegant, sophisticated... HA!)

• not too hot/uncomfortable/itchy/poofy.

• ideally with a lace overlay.

• preferably something 1950s vintage - or at least 1950s looking. my mum once told me i was born in the wrong era and it's so true. 5os shapes suit me and make the best of the boobies and the fact that i do have a waist.

So after a few weeks of looking online and freaking out at the average waist sizes from that era (26" - really?!!! who were these women - barbie?) i found this little gem on etsy.

it was cheap. and sometimes i feel weird about how little money i spent on my wedding dress. i think it's fine but i know other people are all like 'but it's your dreeeeeaaaam, you can spend whatever you want' by which i sometimes think they mean 'you are obligated to spend a lot of money. it doesn't count if you get it for cheaps.' anyway - i LUUURRRVVVEE it and when i got it and it swished out of it's packaging and slipped over my head i knew it was going to see me through a very happy day.

however, it does need some alterations. it was hand made in the 1950s (just what i wanted - seriously the internet is awesome) but the lovely lady it was made for had stonking knockers because i am swimming around in there. also her torso was really long because the waist line sits almost at my hips. i also don't think i will leave the sleeves as they are as it is going to be freaking hot when we get married and the last thing anyone wants to see is a sweaty bride.

i also think i will change the neckline so it shows of the ladies a little more. they are one of the boy's favourite parts of me so it would just be mean to hide them on our magical day.

so - i have two options i am thinking about (please excuse hasty photoshop alterations).

thoughts and input are appreciated!


  1. I prefer the cap sleeves rather than the strappy straps. It retains more of its vintage look that way.

  2. @ claire - thanks for the comment! i think i agree with you. but do i remember hearing somewhere that cap sleeves do the lady arm no favours? i do not have twiglet arms so i'm not sure if they will be flattering?

  3. oh my, i am all about those cap sleeves.

    what a killer find- lucky you!

  4. @ angie - thanks lady! yeah, i am pretty happy with it. and because it's quite simple i can go crazy with the shoes/veil/accessories. now if only i could find the shoes i have in my head in an actual shop...

  5. i like that you changed it up a bit. cap sleeves are cute but if Gok says the straps are better then maybe go without the caps??

  6. @ Kate - I know! That's what I was thinking... i love the look of the caps - but if they are not going to be flattering then maybe it's a no go - sigh.


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