Wednesday, 21 July 2010

hot sundays

first shot of the boy on the blog. mmmm. sexy man with beard. i think his shirt is unbuttoned too far though no? i was afraid our friends might witness a nip-slip.

the boy's shot of me. i told him his finger was over the lens. he told me he was making it 'arty' dur!

man, i do love a london pub on a sunday afternoon with the boy and some friends and a sweet beer garden and some hot, hot sunshine. mmmm.


  1. haha i love that, seriously arty.

  2. and i do love a fancy hat on a gal that can pull it off!

    and the boy has a very nice beard. since dating josh, who takes his stache very seriously, i've been noticing facial hair a lot more. it's like when you buy a new car and all of a sudden you see that same car EVERYWHERE. haha!

  3. @ katie - thanks for the comment! yeah, he's a funny one that boy...

    @ angie - i was watching some (terrible) fashion show on the telly a while ago and they had a segment on male grooming. apparently only 4% of women liked facial hair on a man... 4%! I think they were handing out this fact to up sales of gillette, but it just made me feel all exclusive and shit. i love that beard. i told him that he is under no circumstances to shave it off for the wedding! also, josh does have a stonking stache - i am a big admirer!


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