Monday, 19 July 2010

weight for it - an update

after all my considered and mature thoughts on weight in my last post came a conversation on the weekend that showed me exactly how emotional and crazy weight issues can make a girl...

the scene: i am perusing the sale items at lovely clothing store with the boy. i am looking at a pair of trousers when i realize they are a size too small, as i reach for the next size up the boy walks over and says...

boy: "they look a bit small for you, i don't think you will fit into those."

me: turning from happy afternoon shopper into mad wide-eyed woman in about 5 seconds "what?! what is wrong with you? you have two sisters - don't you know anything about women?!"

boy: starting to look panicked and sweaty now "what do you mean... did i say something wrong?"

me: almost frothing at the mouth now "you basically just called me fat!"

boy: looking terrified now and backing away "what?! no - i never said that! i love you -"

me: shrieking "yeah! me and my enormous thighs!"

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