Tuesday, 13 July 2010

You and me and the Ukulele makes three

so i did it. i finally bought a ukulele. i have been wanting to buy one for almost a year now and i have always found a reason not to just go to the Duke of Uke and buy the damn thing. it was always 'oh, i really shouldn't, we need the money for the council tax/rent/phone bill/savings for the wedding'. well bollocks to that! sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. and i wanted a god damn ukulele.

i love him. his name is koha and i am currently learning 'island in the sun', 'dream a little dream of me' and (just because you sort of have to) 'somewhere over the rainbow'. one day soon, when i have learnt a song from start to finish, i will make a little video for the internet. but for now i am content with the songs i am learning and making ones up for the boy. tonight i sang to him as he angrily did the dishes (the boys most frequent and hated chore)...

'if i only had three wisheeeesssss...
one would be for you to never have do the dishhhheeeeessss...'

that's about as far as i got, but it has potential no?


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