Tuesday, 13 July 2010

the location

the driveway leading up to the hall...

the cute as a button church (which we will not be using, you know - the whole atheism thing) and hall...

the hall! we will be getting married in the back garden and having the awesome shake-down, rump shaking, music playing, toe tapping party in the hall after dark...

as I'm coming into this whole wedding blog world with a few details sorted already I thought I'd do a round up of the things we have already booked in/decided on.

first up - the venue!

the boy and I had a few ideas already for this...

• we knew we wanted to get married in Australia (we are living in London, but his big family is in Oz and my small family is in NZ so it seemed like the best place to do it)

• we wanted somewhere where we could have both the ceremony and reception (the idea of two separate places seemed like too much hard work!)

• we both loved the idea of a colonial style hall

• we wanted some outside space for the ceremony and lawn games at cocktail hour and some inside space for dancing and in-case it rained

and so, after much googling, we found the ewingsdale hall. it is an hours drive from where most of the boy's family live, close to a great sea-side town for out of towners to stay at and cute, cute, cute. we had actually been to a concert there when we lived in the area so we already knew it would work.

next on the list...

the dress!

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  1. Oh, I think my question just got answered! Lovely choice :) It is so cute.

    Following along with you now :)


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